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Kristine Hermosa’s photo doing the laundry goes viral: “Sana all ganito kaganda pag naglalaba”

Fans and followers of actress Kristine Hermosa cannot contained their admiration to their idol’s beauty. Kristine posted a photo showing her and son Kaleb doing the laundry. Aside from her beauty, netizens praised Kristine for doing her laundry by her hands and not using a washing machine.

“My quarantine life..🥰🤗 thank you Lord for the strength, grace and determination.. 😂and thank you to this mighty helper of mine.” was the photo caption of Kristine.

Here are some of the reactions:

– “yung ganitong ganda naglalaba ng unan, nahiya ako sakin. makapaglaba na din nga.”

– “Sana all ganito kaganda pag naglalaba. Hi, Kristine.”

– “Grabe! Ang ganda ganda naman”

– “Katuwa naman naglaba kau ng unan”

– “t makes me happy to see how you’re raising your kids right”

(Photo source: Instagram – @khsotto”

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