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Lea Salonga itinigil sandali ang concert dahil may cellphone na nag-ring

Itinigil ng sandali ni Broadway at The Voice coach Lea Salonga ang kanyang concert sa Arizona USA dahil may biglang nag-ring na cellphone mula sa kanyang audience. Marahil ay ikinagulat ito ng mga audience dahil hindi ito pangkaraniwan.

Sa ulat ni Gorgy Rula of Pilipino Star Ngayon, itinigil ni Lea ang concert at sinabi sa audience na sagutin ang tawag dahil baka daw ito emergency.


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“I heard a phone ringing over there and I will stop and ask you to answer because it could be an emergency. Emergency happens and just go ahead and answer it. I’ll wait, that could be an emergency.” sabi ni Lea.

(Photo source: Instagram – @msleasalonga)

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