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LOOK: KC Concepcion and Pierre Plassart are #couplegoals for running their own businesses

Actress KC Concepcion and her French boyfriend Pierre Emmanuel Plassart have been dubbed by netizens as #couplegoals because of their happy relationship which gets support from their loved ones.

But apart from their romantic relationship, the two have also been admired by many for being able to run their own businesses.


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In her Instagram post, Kc shared a photo of her and Pierre while doing business work together and wrote in the caption: “I love my job as a TV host-actress-concert performer, but… there’s also a different high that comes with finding/running a business you love!!! Who agrees with me? ♥️ When owning a business people only see the results, tho there’s tons of work behind-the-scenes that others don’t see… That’s the beauty of it. Our 20s & 30s are THE time to hustle hard! Let’s go!✨ @peplassart”

KC has been working on her jewelry business ‘Avec Moi by Kristina’ with pieces she personally designed while Pierre owns L’Aiglon, a bar in Singapore.

(Photo source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion)

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