Luis Manzano has the best response to Jessy Mendiola’s admirer

Luis Manzano has the best response to Jessy Mendiola’s admirer

Celebrity couple Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano have always been expressive of their feelings for each other on their social media accounts.

However, some netizens could not help but also express their admiration for them, just like how a netizen wrote his message for Jessy in the comments section of one of her Instagram posts.


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The netizen wrote: “Hello . I offer you a very nice greeting with a sincere smile from the depths of the heart. You will meet with the sunrise this morning. To tell you that there is a man who respects you. loves you . Follow your publications … take care of your happiness. It is despite the distance beyond the seas, the mountains and the prairies … but it creeps into your pure and sincere heart. To feel and touch the sincere feelings. God bless you dear …. I love you so much my love”

Luis then noticed the netizen’s comment on his girlfriend’s post and responded: “i love you too, my please shower now, i’m on my way home and i will make iskemberlu on your body ;)”

(Photo source: Instagram – @senorita_jessy / Facebook – @celebritydesk)

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