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Matteo Guidicelli on attending ABS-CBN Ball with Sarah Geronimo: “Felt like the first time”

Matteo Guidicelli and girlfriend Sarah Geronimo drew attention on the red carpet of the recently herld ABS-CBN Ball as the two were graced the event together for the first time.

In a video Matteo shared on his YouTube channel as he documented their preparations moment before the event and described it like “the first time but even better”.


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Matteo wrote: “This one was special. So I felt like I had to dedicate a description for this video that could do justice to what I experienced and felt that night. Or atleast try to. I’ve attended this ball countless times, but to be able to attend this ball with Sarah felt like I was experiencing it for the first time again, but even better.”

Watch the video here:

(Photo source: YouTube – Matteo Guidicelli/ Instagram – @isgfan)

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