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Moira Dela Torre addresses rude audience who shouted “ang taba mo laki mo moira panget taba”

Singer Moira Dela Torre got the shock of her life when during her performance, an audience shouted at her saying: “ang taba mo laki mo moira panget taba.” Moira kept her composure and continued her performance.

Moira took to her Twitter account her reaction regarding the said incident:

To the rude kuya shouting “ang taba mo laki mo moira panget taba” while i was performing last night..i was so tempted to look at you & give you a piece of my mind. But i didnt want anyone feeling how you made me feel. Even you. (1/2)

Women are beautiful whatever size and may i be the last person you disrespect like that. May you learn to love yourself enough that you won’t need to bring people down just to feel “funny” or important. If ur reading this, i hope next year showers you love. Happy new year? (2/2)

(Photo source: Instagram – @moirarachelle)

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