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Mother of teenager in ‘Pap’ video asks Ellen Adarna for a public apology or face legal action

Myra A. Santos, mother of 17 year old Eleila A. Santos who was accused of actress Ellen Adarna is asking the actress to issue a public apology or face legal action. Eleila was accused by Ellen taking video of her and actor John Lloyd while having their meal in a restaurant.

Eleila denied the accusation and said she was just merely taking video of her food.


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On her Facebook page, Myra wrote a message about the details of their story:

“Dear Ms. Adarna,

I am the mother of Eleila A. Santos, the 17 year old girl you identified and accused as paparazzi in a series of Instagram posts.

We are reaching out to you to let you know how deeply hurt we are by the unneeded stress and unwanted attention you caused after you uploaded a photo and video of her on Instagram, without any consent from us.

After her friends told her about the ‘Instagram Story’ that you posted where she was first identified, she was mature enough to immediately write privately to you and explain the situation: that she was taking footage of her food. We initially took it lightly, thinking things would be resolved quickly and the 30-year old you would give the two minors the benefit of the doubt. Even her aunt wrote a private message to you, and mentioned she is a minor. However, we did not hear anything from you.

Instead, you posted a one sided narrative and insisted on erroneous and unfounded accusations again on Instagram. You have claimed my daughter is guilty, rude, and has been repeatedly insinuating my daughter is lying. You even said that you can handle bashers and hope my child could, too. I want to tell you that she is not like you, she never needed to. She is a private individual who has not even turned 18. As a celebrity, we would have thought you would understand the value of privacy.

When we watched this video, coupled with the lack of an actual response from your side – it was clear to us – you did not want an explanation. You only want to defame our daughter publicly.


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