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Netizen calls Kim Atienza ‘hypocrite’ on his remark about Liz Uy and Raymond Racaza

Netizens reacted to a remark made by Kuya Kim Atienza regarding the engagement of Liz Uy and Raymond Racaza. Liz through her social media account that she is already engaged. Celebrities and friends congratulated Liz and posted their love and support.

On Twitter, Kuya Kim posted the follow where netizens reacted to.

“Wtf kuya kim??? @kuyakim_atienza Really??? You support infidelity??? Why on earth people supporting Liz Uy and RaymondRacaza on this bullshit huhuhuhu poor Nala :((”

“Ohh i don’t support adultery but I love @lizzzuy and Raymond. I even love you. We are all sinners.”

Another netizen tweeted the following: “Hypocrite”

Kuya Kim said: “Alam niyo ba na ang hypocrite ay hango sa Greek word na hupokrites na ang ibig sabihin ay artista o actor. #kuyakimtrivia”

Another tweet reads: “Bible-freaks are a different kind talaga…”

Kuya Kim replied: “Yes. The Bible can be counter intuitive. “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.” Labo di ba? Took me 43 years and the Holy Spirit to understand and accept. Labo ano? Lilinaw yan in God’s time. #kuyakimtrivia”

(Photo source: Instagram – @lizzzuy / @kuyakim_atienza)

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