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Netizens mock Julia Barretto on workout video with Gerald Anderson: “First time nya yan”

Actors Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto posted on Youtube a workout video where Julia gets to try the workout regimens of Gerals. Julia was out to prove that she can do the difficult trainings her boyfriend Gerald is engaged in.

Julia was made to do some squatting, weight lifting, and a lot more. The beauty of it is Julia was able to do all of them. After which they went to have a dip and then Julia cooked some food for Gerald.

Everything went well except that there are some netizens who decided to mock Julia on the said video. Some netizens were saying that Julia never did such routines before and she did it only for Gerald. “First time nya yan” said one netizen.

Obviously, those who were mocking Julia was relating the workout video to her ‘isaw’ video that went viral recently. Julia on Gerald’s vlog was made to eat ‘isaw’ and she claimed that it was her first time to taste one.

But several weeks past, two video resurfaced showing Julia eating ‘isaw.’

(Photo source: Youtube screengrab – @Gerald Anderson)

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