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Netizens praise Angeline Quinto for selling isaw and balut

Singer Angeline Quinto amazed the netizens for her social experiment of selling isaw and balut. This is through a video she posted on her Youtube channel, @Love Angeline Quinto, a couple of days ago.

Angeline started the vlog with a little bit of a story about how she used to sell stuff when she was still young. It is known that she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Afterwards, she was seen selling isaw, home wares, fish ball and balut for the entire without being noticed by the people.


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This gathered numbers of positive comments like how humble she is in spite of fame, for looking back to where she began and for being down-to-earth. As to date, the video reached 200k. Angeline has about 360k followers on her Youtube Channel.

(Photo source: Youtube – @Love Angeline Quinto)

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