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Netizens send mixed reactions on ‘build build build’ question on BB. Pilipinas 2018

Netizens expressed mixed reactions when Binibining Pilipinas candidate number 35 Sandra Lemonon was asked to give a comment on the government’s “Build Build Build” program. Sandra was obviously taken aback by the question and tried to maintain her composure.

“Actually I studied so much about this Q and A but this is something I don’t know much about. But at least I’m here trying to answer the question. Thank you,” Sandra said.


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Some netizen admired Sandra’s honesty, admitting that she does not know about the government’s project. Some said Sandra should have come prepared in all topics specially if it concerns the country. Some said political questions have no place in beauty pageants given the wide scope of the said issue.

Some viewers even said they themselves are not aware of what the ‘Build Build Build’ program of the government is all about.

(Photo source: Facebook – @Bb. Pilipinas (Official))

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