Pauleen Luna expresses concern as she has been sick for 3 days

Pauleen Luna expresses concern as she has been sick for 3 days

TV host actress Pauleen Luna expressed concern over her health as she has been sick for the past 3 days. Pauleen is the better half of TV host comedian Vic ‘Bossing’ Sotto. On her Instagram post, Pauleen posted her photo showing her blood was extracted for some testing.

She suspected that she might have dengue.


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Here is the photo she posted with the following caption:

“I’ve been sick for 3 days now and having sickies while i’m with my daughter is a big NO-NO. Also, i’ve had dengue before, twice, to be exact. And now that my numbers are playing from 37.7-39C, i am scared to just think that i have dengue, again. (They said the 3rd one is fatal).

Many thanks to Aide App! @aideapp . I inquired about their services, booked an appointment and had my blood extracted (CBC, PLATELET COUNT, DENGUE NS1) plus urinalysis at the comfort of our home. How i wish I knew about them earlier! Especially when i was pregnant”

(Photo source: Instagram – @team_bosleng)

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