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Piolo Pascual challenges basher to a fistfight for calling him and Iñigo Pascual ‘mag amang bakla’

Actor Piolo Pascual challenged a basher who called him and son Iñigo Pascual ‘mag amang bakla’. Piolo posted a photo of him and Iñigo finishing a run in Jakarta. One netizen then posted the following on the comment section of the said post:

“Mag amang bakla haha”

To which a message exchanged followed between Piolo and the basher:

Piolo: “suntukan tayo!”

Basher: “San lugar sige punta ako”

Piolo: “ok game! San mo gusto???”

Basher: “ikaw magbigay at pupunta ko now mismo”

Basher: “ano ba tagal mag reply San ba lugar inip nako haha”

Piolo: “nasaan a?!?!!!”

Basher: “sa harap ba ng abs baka naman sumikat pako haha”

Basher: “timog ako”

Piolo: “san a timog”

Basher: “Sabihin mo place ako na pupunta now”

Basher: “Malabo nato ako na nga pupunta eh”

Piolo: “public mo account mo at intayin moko jan”

(Photo source: Instagram – @piolo_pascual)

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