Primo Arellano celebrates his 2nd birthday

Primo Arellano celebrates his 2nd birthday

Adorable celebrity baby Primo Arellano just recently became a ‘kuya’ after her mom Iya Villania gave birth to his baby brother Leon.

As they welcome the newest member of their family, kuya Primo is now celebrating his 2nd birthday and his parents made sure to make his day extra special.

In her Instagram account, Iya posted her birthday message for her first born and wrote: “Happy 2nd birthday my darling boy ❤️ keep on making the world a better place even with just your smile ❤️ I love you so much it makes me wanna cry ?”


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Iya also shared a sweet ‘Happy birthday’ balloons they set up in Primo’s corner, sahring how she feels sentimental about her son getting a year older.


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