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Sam Milby admits he is shy and ‘torpe’

In an online chat, actor Sam Milby was caught by surprised when Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray greeted him a happy birthday. The said online chat entitled “Lunch With the Stars” was hosted by actors John Prats and Pooh.

Sam could not believe that Catriona sent a video greeting for his birthday: “”Hey, Sam! Happy, happy birthday. I hope that you have an amazing year ahead. More birthdays. More happiness. You are loved by so, so many!”


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John and Pooh then asked Sam to give a reply to Catriona and Sam was so shy to give one.

One viewer then commented the following: “Huwag torpe, paano ka magkaka GF nyan.” The message was read by Pooh.

Sam then replied: “I am mahiyain and I can be torpe minsan.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @sammilby)

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