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Sharon Cuneta takes a leave of absence from showbiz

The Mega Star, Sharon Cuneta takes a rest from the limelight of showbiz. She indirectly told this on her Instagram account. The said post gathered more than 3k likes a couple of hours after its appearance, though commenting is turned off.

Amidst the possible feud and heartache Sharon is experiencing, based on her recent social media posts, she has informed the netizens about her leave of absence in the industry.


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In a photo she shared, she said, “I will be back… Remember that I love you all and will forever be grateful to you for all your love and support. May God bless us all, always. Your Sharon.” She did not clearly state if this might take too long or just a short period of time, but, she seems to take the quieter side of the industry.

Fans of the Mega Star may sound very frustrated that they are not able to air their sentiments on the said post, but, this might be a move to not encounter bashing from netizens.

(Photo source: Instragram – @reallysharoncuneta)

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