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Singer Jaya nasunog ang kanilang bahay sa America

Fans and fellow celebrities of singer Jaya can’t help but be worried as she revealed that their house in the United States was burned.

In her Instagram account, Jaya posted a heart-breaking photo of their house. In the said photo, Jaya showed the damage that their house got after it was burned down. Jaya also expressed her gratitude as despite what happened, she and her family is safe.

“God is so good! Our house just burned to the ground but we are all safe! I have no words but GOD IS GOOD!!!” Jaya wrote in the caption.

The said photo that Jaya has shared caught the attention of netizens and her celebrity friends as it went viral. Here are some of the comments from her celebrity friends:

– Pokwang: “God bless and protect your family miss @jaya 🙏🏼”

– Amy Castillo: “Oh my praying for you all Mars @jaya ingat”

– Ogie Alcasid: “Guys!!!!!!! Oh ny goodness. Praise God you are ok”

– Sharon Cuneta: “Oh my gosh Iyay!!! Oh dear God…I am so so sorry but praise God you are all safe…❤️🙏🏻”

– Zsa Zsa Padilla: “Thank God your family is safe 🙏🏼 will be praying for you, Iyay.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @jaya)

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