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Tirso Cruz III posts last photo with late son TJ alongside his heartfelt poem for him

It has been more than a month after TJ Cruz, the son of veteran actor Tirso Cruz III passed away.

After celebrating Christmas and New Year without him, Tirso could not help but get sentimental as he shared a heartfelt poem he wrote for TJ alongside his last photo with his son taken in the hospital.


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In his Instagram account, Tirso shared his photo with TJ together with his poem, saying: “This was our last picture taken by your Mama. And as the year ends, I would like to share this poem that I wrote for my son TJ. And I pray to the Lord that he gives me a beautiful melody that I might turn it into a song someday. OUR LAST EMBRACE
As I walked into the room,
The sweetest smile was on his face. And as he waved for me to come, these words were spoken by my son. ‘Papa, come and embrace me, I want to feel your arms around me.’
Had I known it would be the last, I should have held on longer, I should have held on so tight.
Then came that fateful day, that day we feared would come our way.
So many things to do, so many things to say, for my beloved eldest son that day.
As tears were rolling down my face,
I love you son was all I could say. ‘Papa, come and embrace me, I want to feel your arms around me.’


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