To whom is Claudine Barretto addressing her post?

To whom is Claudine Barretto addressing her post?

Claudine Barretto posted a message on her Instagram post that made most of her fans and followers wondering as to whom is she addressing her post to? Claudine’s name was mentioned by sister Gretchen Barretto in one of her post in relation to her rift with actress Kris Aquino.

Gretchen’s partial post read as follows: “And what’s this I heard from inside her camp? She called up Claudine to tell my parents that she will file a case against me & put me to jail and asked them for help in destroying me. What is this, a tag team wrestling match? Can’t a “Queen” handle it herself?”

On her Instagram account, Claudine posted the following:

“Get Rid of all People who tries to Control & Manipulate u.dont allow people to manipulate you & destroy or steal your Joy.NEGATIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS.Dont allow people to be comfortable in Disrespecting u & pretending that they didn’t do anything.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @claubarretto)

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