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Van of Rhian Ramos side-swiped by bus in SLEX

Actress Rhian Ramos shared with her fans and followers an incident involving a bus and her van. According to Rhian, a bus side-swiped the front of her van and did not even bothered to stop. Rhian was not hurt, she simply reminded bus drivers to be more careful.

On her Twitter, Rhian tweeted the following:

“So this Thelman Bus WRQ214 just hit the front of my van while entering the EDSA flyover from SLEX. didnt event stop, he just kept on going. Ugh”

“Nothings broken, its just a scratch and honestly ive never really cared about how the van looks as long as it runs well.. i just feel like transportation companies should really invest in well trained drivers.. its kind of a safety issue”

After posting the incident, Rhian said she got a call from authorities informing her that the bus was apprehended and if she wants to file a case. This is what Rhian tweeted:

“I got a phonecall last night that the bus that sideswiped us yesterday was caught and if id wanna take any action.. i dont have any damage really, so no. But im just really impressed how fast and coordinated all the enforcers are through i-ACT”

(Photo source: Instagram – @whianwamos)

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