Vice Ganda on friendship with Calvin Abueva: “May kapayapaan ang puso ko”

Vice Ganda on friendship with Calvin Abueva: “May kapayapaan ang puso ko”

Unkabogable star Vice Ganda has been making it to the headlines as speculations about her relationship with PBA player Calvin Abueva have become a hot topic on social media.

Despite insisting that they are just friends, some netizens still believe that the two share something romantic as photos and videos of them together have been shared online.


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In a report by Push, the “It’s Showtime” host expressed her happiness over his friendship with Calvin in his interview during the opening of the latest branch of Vice’s cosmetics line.

He said: “Yung friendship niya sa akin, pinapasaya ako nun at nung relationship ko with him and his family, na napakabait sa akin.”

“Ayun masaya ako doon at panatag ang loob ko, hindi katulad dati na kapag may kasama ako, natatakot ako sa ibang tao sa labas. ‘Yung lagi kami kubli ng kubli ngayon parang may kapayapaan ang puso ko wala ako iniisip,” he added.

However, Vice denied that he and Calvin are exclusively dating.

He said: “Ay hindi kami exclusively dating, hindi kami ganun.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @praybeytbenjamin_vicejack)

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