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Vice Ganda to bashers: “pls do urselves a little favor. Please unfollow me.”

Celebrities have been the target of bashing and insults everysince. Everytime they post something, there will be netizens who will say something not nice to the extent of insulting the person.

Vice Ganda is one celebrity who often received harsh words from bashers and critics.


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In a recent Twitter post, Vice offered a good advice to those who don’t like his postings – “unfollow me” he suggested.

“yoko pong makadagdag sa mga pinagdadaanan nyo. Kung ok ako sa inyo at mga tweets ko pls continue following me. Salamat po. Pero kung ayaw nyo sakin at sa mga tweets ko pls do urselves a little favor. Please unfollow me. Dont allow me to annoy you. And dnt be a toxic follower. 😀”

(Photo source: Instagram – @praybetbenjamin)

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