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Vicki Belo expresses dismay over netizens’ attempt to take down Scarlet Snow Belo’s Instagram account

Celebrity baby Scarlet Snow Belo has been bringing joy to her 2.9 million Instagram followers through her adorable photos and videos shard online.

However, her mom Vicki Belo revealed how a group of people attempted to take down Scarlet’s Instagram account and expressed her dismay over such act of people trying to “pick on a 3 year old little girl”.


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Vicki wrote: “3 days ago there was a concerted attempt by a bunch of people who wanted to take down @scarletsnowbelo’s account permanently. They all simultaneously “reported” against her account to Instagram . I can’t believe that there are people so mean that they would pick on a 3 year old little girl who only brings positive vibes to everyone . Thank God there are people like @alexanderdeleon and his ig team who stopped the deletion of her account . Please pray for scarlet and help us protect her from people who wish her ill.”


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