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Vicki Belo teaches Scarlet Snow the importance of sharing and helping

More and more companies are working together to help our medical and healthcare workers in their fight to provide the much needed care for the COVID-19 patients. Belo Group is one of those who are constantly helping the frontliners by providing masks and other health equipment.

In an Instagram post, Vicki Belo shared that her daughter Scarlet Snow is asking why they are giving a lot of masks. Vicki explained to her that they need to help the medical workers which she called ‘superheroes’ to fight the virus.


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Here is the post of Vicki:

“Scarlet Snow asked me why we kept giving away masks to others. I explained to her that it’s because they are needed by the superheroes who are fighting the Coronavirus to keep us safe.

I pray that she will understand and remember this lesson she’s learning now, that she would grow up to be appreciative, generous, and aware of her social responsibilities of charity and accountability.

I really pray that this impacts her character when she gets older.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @victoria_belo)

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