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WATCH: Kakai Bautista reveals she sang the ‘Maynila’ theme song

Fans and fellow celebrities of actress and singer Kakai Bautista can’t help but be surprised as she made some revelation on her social media account.

In her Instagram account, Kakai posted a TikTok video as she revealed that she sang the iconic theme song of the now defunct Kapuso Network drama romance anthology show ‘Maynila’.

According to Kakai, it was way back 2002 when she recorded the said iconic song titled ‘Mahal kong Maynila’ and it was her first and only theme song that she recorded.

“2002, The First and The Only ThemeSong I recorded🤣 Nakakatuwa may sayaw sa Tiktok 🤣” Kakai wrote in the caption.

The said social media post of Kakai caught the attention of netizens and her fellow celebrities as it went viral. Many netizens and her celebrity friends can’t help but be surprised over the said revalation.

In a separate post made by Kakai on her TikTok account, she heeded to the requests of netizens as she posted a video of her singing the said iconic theme song after several years.

Here are some of the comments from Netizens:

– “Omg! I had no idea until today. This song is very nostalgic; I know I woke up late when I hear it while hearing the little clamors of my lola’s kitchen preparing for our lunch. Thank you very much. I miss you, Lola.”

– “hala ikaw pala yun? kinalakihan na ng maraming Pilipino yung TV prog na yan kaw pala singer nun..”

– “When we all have the same reaction for knowing just now that it has been you singing that song! Why don’t you share a video of you two singing that song now after years? That would be a good idea, right? It’s now time for what we call, face reveal. Haha”

– “Like huwaaaaatttt??? Ikaw pala kumanta nyan teh? Jusko batang bata pa ako pinapanuod ko na yan si Maynila at ngayong majunders na sok ngayon ko lang knows ikaw pala yan wowwwww”

– “Halaaaaaaaaa! ikaw pala? Nakakamiss naalala ko childhood days ko 🥺🤧😭”

(Photo source: TikTok – @kakaiba_02)

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