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WATCH: Toni Gonzaga asks questions she never asked husband Paul Soriano in new vlog

Actress and host Toni Gonzaga have been happily married with her Paul Soriano for over four years now together with their son Seve but the female personality seemed to have questions she have never asked her husband throughout their relationship.

In her recent YouTube vlog, Toni had the chance to have a sit down interview with Paul and threw him questions she never asked him before, or questions she might have asked but they were not able to talk about.


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Some of Toni’s questions include topics about their relationship and her role as a wife and mother to their son Seve, as well as some questions for Paul about his work and personal preferences including his fashion style.

Toni’s first question was: “Why do you wear the same outfit everyday? Is that your uniform?”

Paul answered: “Not necessarily uniform. It’s just comfortable so I don’t have to waste time thinking about what I need to wear. Black shirt, jeans.. Comfortable, I feel good.”

Toni later asked: “When did you know that I was the one?”

Paul answered: “For me, I think because I never forgot you. Like, 1 year still there, 2nd year still there, 3rd year still there, 4th year.. Parang you’re always in my mind. You have never left.”

Watch the full video here:

(Photo source: YouTube – Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano)

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