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WATCH: Vickie Rushton’s answer during Bb. Pilipinas Q and A portion

Crowd favorite Vicki Rushton representing Negros Occidental failed to win a single title in the recently concluded Bb. Pilipinas 2019 pageant. A former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, Vicki was the early favorite having bagged 6 special awards.

Many believed the Q & A portion spelled the difference for Vicki.


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Actor Daniel Padilla was the one who asked the following question: “Why is mental health as important as physical health?”

Vicki’s answer was: “Mental health is as important as physical health, because of our inner being. Having self-love is important. As a woman, I can inspire and empower the people to take care of themselves, to take care of their mind as well as their health. Because they will be as effective.”

Here is the video:

(Photo source: Youtube screengrab – @ABS-CBN Entertainment)

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