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Actress Cherie Gil passes away at 59

Actress Cherie Gil (Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann in real life) passed away August 5, 2022 at the age of 59. Her talent manager Annabelle Rama posted the news on social media, saying, “Cherie Gil just passed away at 5 p.m. today please pray for her.”

Cherie is best known in the entertainment industry as the Philippines’ for her ‘kontrabida’ roles and for her versatility in acting.

In her previous interview, Cherie flew to New York to be with her kids.

“I got rid of all the clothes I had that symbolized a past life. I’m completely finding myself and coming to terms with who I really am. It’s just great to have this opportunity and to be alive to start over. It’s like a rebirth of sorts,” she said.

(Photo source: Instagram – @macherieamour)

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