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Aiko Melendez and partner Vice Gov. Jay Khonghun celebrate 3rd year anniversary

Actress Aiko Melendez penned a sweet message for her partner, Zambales Vice Gov. Jay Khonghun as they celebrated their third year anniversary.

In her Instagram account, Aiko posted several photos of her with her partner, Jay. It seemed that the photos were taken during their celebration. She thanked Jay for encouraging her to do her best. She also apologized to him over their misunderstandings. Aiko also thanked Jay for letting her see the different sides of him.


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Aiko wrote:
“I want to thank you for encouraging me to do my best, i want to thank you for believing in me when i can’t even believe in myself. We have our ups and downs, We get annoyed with each other, One thing im certain about is i would’nt want this with another. Im really sorry if we fight sometimes but no matter what i know we will get through all these. Happy Anniversary baby! I love you! Thank you for being the person that i can rely on ❤️ Thank you for the 1095 good morning texts that you send me ❤️ And thank you for letting me see the different sides of you, even the not so good ones. And most of all thank you for letting me know that love still exists and for sticking around when time gets tough. I love you so much. There is no one i can’t think of spending the rest of my life with but you… Happy 3rd year anniv Baby! We have a lifetime to share. Not just you and me but with our family and kids ❤️ And God being the center of our relationship! Mucho love

Aiko ❤️ @vicegovjaykhonghun_”

(Photo source: Instagram – @aikomelendez)


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