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Alex Gonzaga and Julia Barretto nag-ukay challenge

Actress and vlogger Alex Gonzaga once again entertained her fans and followers over her latest YouTube vlog.

In the said vlog, Alex featured her good friend, actress Julia Barretto as they took the ‘Ukay Challenge’. Alex and Julia shopped at a thrift shop as they find clothes for one another and they have a budget of Php1,000.

“Labyou Julia B! Mahal ka ng buong Gonzaga family! Turuan kita mas maging jologs 🤣” Alex wrote in the description.

While they were showing the clothes that they chose, Alex can’t help but tease Julia as she said, “nakita ko suot ito ni Bea… Bea Binene… sa GMA, nakita ko suot niya ito.”

After their ‘ukay challenge’ they also had a great time as they eat street foods.

The said vlog of Alex captured the hearts of netizens as it went viral. Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

– “Napaka sweet ng boses ni Jullia and she is simply pretty ❤❤❤”

– “Omg Julia B and Alex G. Sana may part 2. Ang ganda talaga ng voice ni Julia. Ang social pakingan”

– “hahaha kaloka ung BEA binene😂😂😂 super ganda ni JULIA ❤❤❤ more vlogs with julia.. no speaking Tagalog challenge😂😂”

– “Wow!!! Subrang Saya nyong panouring dalawa… Sana isa pang video nyong dalawa ni Julia No English Speaking Challenge… Wahahaha 🤣😂”

– “Walang hupay talga si ate Alex pag nag vlog super Fanny NaMamaos nako kakatawa HAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

(Photo source: Instagram – @cathygonzaga)

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