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Alwyn Uytingco wishes to fix his broken marriage with Jennica Garcia: “Alam ko hindi magiging madali”

Actor Alwyn Uytingco expressed his desire to fix his failed relationship with his wife, actress Jennica Garcia.

It can be recalled that last May, Jennica confirmed that he and Alwyn are no longer together.

In his Instagram account, Alwyn posted a photo of him with Jennica and their two daughters, Athena Mori and Alessi. Alwyn shared that he is hoping to bring back his family together.

“Araw-araw, ito ang magiging dasal ko. Ito ang kakapitan ko. Ito ang papangarapin ko. Ito ang aasahan ko. Na balang araw, maging maayos na ang lahat. Alam ko hindi magiging madali..

alam ko marami ang kailangan harapin. Pero mas pipiliin kong tawirin ang tulay na ‘to, kahit ikamatay ko, susubukin ko dahil alam ko na ikaw (at mga anak natin) ang sasalubong sa’kin sa dulo.” Alwyn wrote in the caption.

In a separate post, Alwyn posted a beautiful photo of Jennica where she was seen holding a bouquet of flowers. Alwyn also expressed his love to Jennica.

“Ang dami ko gusto sabihin. Pero hindi kayang ipaliwanag ng mga simpleng salita. Hindi ko ‘to gustong pahabain pa. Ang gusto ko lang malaman mo, at wag na wag mong kakalimutan.. mahal na mahal kita. @jennicauytingco” Alwyn wrote.

(Photo source: Instagram – @alwynzky)

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