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Andi Eigenmann assures second child baby Lilo: “my baby forever she will be”

Actress and vlogger Andi Eigenmann expressed her love to her second child, baby Lilo as she penned a heart-warming message for her.

In her Instagram account, Andi posted a photo of her and baby Lilo. Andi shared that it’s been a full day that she is finally home with her new born son, baby Koa. According to Andi, baby Lilo is “an amazing big sis” to her baby brother. Andi also shared that she is looking forward to witness the relationship of her children as they grow together.


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Andi assured that baby Lilo will forever be her “baby” as she wrote:
“My little big sis Lilo! Oh my baby you’ll always be. It’s been a full day back home as a family of 5, and everyone has been great so far. Specially this one, who was instantly an amazing big sis. She takes after Ellie! I am definitely looking forward to witnessing this siblinship and watching them grow together. But also just living in the moment for now, enjoying every second of her being a jolly little toddler who only continues to brighten up all our days. Oh my baby forever she will be.♥️”

(Photo source: Instagram – @andieigengirl)


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