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Angel Locsin explains why she is posting publicly her relief efforts

Actress Locsin explained as to why she is posting publicly her relief efforts in helping ease the lives of frontliners who are risking their safety in fighting the COVID-19 virus. This after a netizen questioned the actress for posting all her charity works.

“I used to admire your efforts to do charity without posting it on social medi as it’s supposed to be. What happened All I see is your non stop posting on social media on every giving opportunity…more power to yu if that’s how u want to be known now.”


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This comment came to the attention of Angel and she responded this way:

“Alam mo, kung pera ko, wala kang makikitang post. Pero kung fundraising san ka naman nakakita ng fundraising na hindi pinapaalam sa tao? What you’re doing is not helping. Sayang yung energy at oras para malungkot at magexplain pa eh ang daming ginagawa”

(Photo source: Instagram – @therealangellocsin)

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