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Assunta de Rossi shares story behind her baby’s name ‘Giulia Florentina Alessandra’

Actress Assunta de Rossi shared to her fans and followers the story behind the name of her first child, baby Fiore, Giulia Fiorentina Alessandra. It was recalled that Assunta and her husband, former congressman Jules Ledesma recently welcomed the newest addition to their family, baby Fiore.

In her Instagram account, Assunta posted a photo of baby Fiore and introduced her to her fans and followers. She also shared the story behind baby Fiore’s name as she captioned her post:


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“GIULIA- Just like how you pronounce Julia (sorry, no letter J in the Italian alphabet.😅) as a tribute to her paternal great-grandfather, Don Julio.
FIORENTINA- as a tribute to her paternal great-grandmother, Doña Florentina aka lola Puring (lola’s name is the Spanish version).
ALESSANDRA- as a tribute to my sister and our lola Alejandra aka Inang. Plus, I like its meaning, defender/protector.
So there you have it! I hope she knows how much we wanted her. 💖 #MiracleBaby”

In the comment section, her mother Nenita Schiavone congratulated Assunta as she commented “Nicknamed #Fiore for her beauty and grace. Congrats anak❤️ #lovelove”

(Photo source: Instagram – @assuntaledesma)


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