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Bangs Garcia shows off post-partum body

Netizens can’t help but praise actress Valerie ‘Bangs’ Garcia for regaining back her sexy figure two months after giving birth to her second child Isabella with husband Filipino-British businessman Lloyd Birchmore. Bangs posted a side by side photo showing when she was still pregnant and her new figure after pregnancy.

On her Instagram account, Bangs posted the following message:

“Working out on your path to pregnancy & during pregnancy does wonders for you & your future baby!😃

I was a fitness freak in 2014-2016 when I was still in the PH, and it actually payed off now that I am a mother (of two)! My 1st pregnancy took place in March 2017 & I’ve migrated here in the UK 2 mos. before I gave birth. Since then I haven’t been to the gym but it didn’t stop me from working out a few months after I gave birth whenever time permitted me at home.

It’s a great idea to get a fitness routine in place before you get pregnant, so you’ll have time to strengthen your arms, back, hips & legs so you can carry your baby around with ease. Moreover, it will help boost fertility, lower weight gains, decrease the risk of developing gestational diabetes & high blood pressure during pregnancy, and all the potential complications associated w/these diseases. It’s also not bad to exercise moderately during pregnancy because it’ll help boost your baby’s brain development & heart health. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym, you only need to stay active throughout your pregnancy even if it’s just walking in the woods, gardening or housework, anything that gets your heart pumping most days of the week.

I admit, motivation could be really tough to come by, even tougher to execute exercises at home with a toddler & toughest now that I have a new baby!😅 ‘Self-discipline & balance’ is the key, but I honestly don’t know if I could do exercises this time after I recover from my C-section in a few months apart from doing household chores & walking in parks since I am a hands-on Mum!😂

But I’m so glad that I’ve worked out before & during my pregnancies ‘coz my muscles stayed intact. As soon as I delivered, my muscle memory took over & my body remembered how it used to look like. Our bodies change over time though, it takes a while to get close to our prepregnancy shape & size whether we’ve worked out or not. Breastfeeding will also help you lose the baby weight as long as you’re eating a healthy diet & not overdoing it. Cheers to all mothers out there! Enjoy every moment of motherhood and just keep a positive attitude for it will lead you to positive outcomes!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @valeriebangsgarcia)

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