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Barbie Forteza falls victim to ‘basag-kotse’ gang

Actress Barbie Forteza was surprised to see that the right front passenger window of their car was smashed by the “basag-kotse” gang. Barbie just came from a party and was about to go home when she noticed that her car was already ransacked and the bag of her mom was also missing.

The incident was recorded on a CCTV but unfortunately it was too far to identify the culprit.

In a vlog entry of Jak Roberto, the mom of Barbie was at the back of the car saying the following:

“”Gano’n na lang? Lagi na lang ang tao e hindi puwedeng… hindi safe bumaba ng sasakyan? Hindi safe mag-iwan ng sasakyan?”

(Photo source: Instagram – @jakroberto)

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