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Beauty Gonzalez hits back at critics for not posting support on ABS-CBN: “Posts is not Life, Life is Life”

Many celebrities and supporters of ABS-CBN were very active in showing their love and support to the network through their social media accounts. Kapamilya star Beauty Gonzalez was questioned by netizens for not showing support and for being silent over the verdict of congress on her home network.

In her Instagram account, Beauty flaunted her sexy figure in a two piece swimsuit. The photo was black and white with the caption “TOTAL ECLIPSE “.


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Netizens took the comment section to ask her on why she doesn’t have any post to show her support to ABS-CBN. “Bkit Wala ka po post pag suporta sa abs-cbn. Di ba dun ka nkilala”. To which Beauty answered “Posts is not Life, Life is Life.”

Another netizen commented that it appeared she was not affected “correct me if I’m wrong, para kasing hindi ka affected sa pagkawala ng ABS sa ere, based on your IG post”. In which she answered “Would you feel better if i video myself crying on instagram? My feelings I choose to keep private, I choose to help in my own way, not for content or likes. Just remember, not everything you see on line is real, it is possible to smile on the outside but cry on the inside diba??? I choose to make people smile.”

However, Beauty reassured love and support to ABS-CBN when she answered a fan who was also curious on her being silent. “Not Offended at all Maria, i just realized some people need more volume and physical demonstrations than others, i have always been the quiet type. But thank you for your comments. I presume you too Love ABS and rest assured we are on the same team” answered by Beauty.

(Photo source: Instagram – @beauty_gonzalez)

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