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Beauty Gonzalez sustains scars due to jellyfish attack

Actress Beauty Gonzalez suffered some scars after being attacked by jellyfish. Jellyfish attacks is no joke as its sting can actually kill. Beauty said she simply applied Sukang Iloko (vinegar) to get rid of the sting but she has to deal with the ‘scars.’

Beauty then joked about ordernig jellyfish the next she visits a Chinese restaurant – a revenge of some sorts.


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“Seconds before my Jellyfish attack, Them critters obviously didn’t get the social distancing memo. No, nobody pee’d on my leg, Used good old fashioned Sukang Iloko to first aid the stings. Very effective. Now to deal with the ‘scars’
Next time i eat Chinese food, I’m ordering Jellyfish. Akin ang huling Halakhak!!!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @beauty_gonzalez)

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