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Dennis Padilla to Karen Davila: “You better interview ME… para di one sided”

Actor Dennis Padilla called the attention of TV broadcaster Karen Davila and asked that he be interviewed as well so that his side can be heard.

Karen interviewed the daughter of Dennis – actress Julia Barretto and she revealed a lot about her relationship with her dad. Julie admitted that Dennis has attempted a number of times to reach out but she is simply not yet ready to forgive.

In an Instagram post (which was not deleted), Dennis asked Karen to interview him:

“Pls be fair to all… You need to interview me… Maraming mali sa alam ni julia… Waiting sa reply mo ty.” said Dennis

Karen replied to the post and said ‘Good Morning Dennis. Just saw this… text you back just now. that’s “texted you back just now”‘

(Photo source: Instagram – @dennisastig)

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