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Former ABS-CBN Exec advises Liza Soberano to think before she opens her mouth

Former ABS-CBN executive Ethel M. Espiritu shared her thoughts about the recent statements made by actress Liza Soberano.

In her interview with actress Bea Alonzo, Liza stated a couple of statements that raised the brows of some netizens.

Ms. Espiritu on Twitter advised Liza to review and reassess things before she opens her mouth:

“I think she should review and reassess before she opens her mouth, again. Personal career growth media release gone wrong. Andun yung magandang intention niya where we all agree-right comm plan lang and use of right words. Let’s not be careless lest we be misunderstood.”

“Tsaka ako ito ha. If she really wanted to clear things out- it should not be Bea Alonzo to interview her. It’s not good for both of them-for obvious reason/s we all know.

Anyway, I will go back to minding my own business in this showbusiness☺️ have a great week ahead! Peace✌🏼!”

Ms. Espiritu added that the industry so small and people will definitely meet and perhaps work with one another someday:

“Regardless of timelines, bottomline na ata nito ay good comm plan strategy. Damage control. Pananaw ko lang po ito. Please don’t get mad, we all want what’s best for her and all of them. Maliit lang industriya na iniikutan namin. We will see each other somehow, somewhere, someday”

(Photo source: Instagram – @lizasoberano)

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