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Frankie Pangilinan speaks up about ‘infidelity’ amid JaDine breakup

Frankie Pangilinan, daugther of megastar Sharon Cuneta shared her views about infidelity amid the breakup of James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Frankie expressed her opinions and stand on certain matters and netizens praised her for speaking her mind.

On Twitter, Frankie tweeted a series of tweets about infidelity:

“why everyone always gotta attack the ALLEGED third party – who ALWAYS turns out to be a woman – in the situation??? why is it never the man being attacked and always the SUPPOSED kabit?? y’all weird”

“firstly, how y’all even know all that about people’s private lives?? stop making up stories to fuel ur boredom. secondly, IF any of it is even tru, wouldn’t it be the guy’s responsibility?? the one cuffed?? the one who committed himself into a relationship????”

“yall im not saying the girl should be without fault im saying it’s always pinned on the third party aggressively. and if that must be the case, why isn’t it the one who was in the relationship in the first place??”

(Photo source: Instagram – @frankiepangilinan)

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