Gretchen Barretto gives all out love and support to Claudine Barretto

Gretchen Barretto gives all out love and support to Claudine Barretto

Siblings Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto have since become inseparable after their reconciliation following their long standing rift in the past.

On social media,the two have been expressing their love for each other as they kept sharing sweet photos and videos of them together and have been giving encouraging words to each other.


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On Claudine’s Instagram account, she recently shared a photo of a poem about heartbreak and pain that says: “Nothing that you could give me back

I told you that I was in pain,
and when you asked me why,
I told you that you took so much from me,
I gave you love.
I gave you
I believed in you.
But you turned out to be
the biggest disappointment
of my life.
You asked me what you owed me,
and I told you,
‘Nothing that you could give me back.'”

In the comments section of Claudine’s post, Gretchen expressed her love and support for her ‘baby’ and wrote: “Verified
I feel you, my baby 💔 come to me & let me give you a tight embrace . All will be well🙏”

Gretchen and Claudine first reconciled over dinner earlier this year after years of having a falling out.

(Photo source: Instagram – @claubarretto)

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