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Jo Koy calls out Robi Domingo over the word ‘manifestation’

Filipino-American stand-up comic Jo Koy expressed his honest thoughts and sentiments over a word that Kapamilya host Robi Domingo used during a press conference.

In the said press conference for the Philippine premiere of Jo’s movie titled, ‘Easter Sunday’, Robi used the word ‘manifestation’ which appeared to left a bad taste with JoKoy. The Filipino-American stand-up comic called out Robi for the use of word ‘manifestation’ as he explained why he doesn’t like the said term.

“I don’t like the using that word, manifestation. I think it’s overused. And I think it’s misinterpreted. I think when it becomes normalized, like basic conversation then I don’t think you’re really living your dream when you constantly say ‘I’m manifesting, manifesting’ because if that’s all your visioning, then your passion isn’t there. I lived this, I’m not manifesting it.

I can care less if anything else happens. I’m gonna live what I dreamt to do, no matter what. So I’m not manifesting anything.” Jo said.

“All of these is just a bonus feature in my career… It’s not manifestation. Don’t get me wrong I love that you(Robi) said it. I just feel like sometimes especially with this generation, I feel like they hear that word, ‘manifestation, manifestation,’ that’s all they think that it takes do it. There’s so much more to this man. Not everybody knows the back story of their success right…” Jo said added.

Later on, Jo shared his struggles before having the said movie came to life.

“I didn’t mean to step on you, that’s so rude, I’m sorry…” Jo told Robi.

“Thank you for that life lesson. Now I know what Joseph feels, every time you share your life lessons.” Robi said.

“It’s a passion man. Like when you tell me ‘no’, I’m gonna show you why you should have said ‘yes’…” Jo said.

(Photo source: Instagram – @iamrobidomingo)

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