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Kathryn Bernardo dreams to have her own boutique hotel and an all-day breakfast cafe

Kathryn Bernardo revealed that she dreams of having her own boutique and an all-day breakfast café.

In an IG story that promotes her endorsement for a shampoo brand, she recalled how she dreamt of her investments and what other dreams she has.


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She said: “If someone told me years ago that I’d be able to make @kathnailsbykcmb and @barberoblues happen, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. But nothing is impossible if you work hard! So the next ones on my “someday” list? A boutique hotel and an all-day breakfast cafe! 🥰 Dream it, claim it, and make that #Habamazingjourney happen! 💚 Explore #HabamazingPossibilities with the @sunsilkph kit. Want one? Tag a friend and tell us about your own #Habamazing story!”

Her proud mom even commented “Nothing is impossible when you work for it. Always work hard and pray 🙏 to achieve your next dream @bernardokath 🥰”

Investments are what celebrities are always encouraged to do so while they are still on the limelight and earning. Kath is doing very well on it.

(Photo source: Instagram – @bernardokath)

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