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KC Concepcion shares tribute to her Mita Elaine: “I would never want to disappoint my grandmother”

Actress KC Concepcion shared a sweet tribute for her late grandmother, Elaine Cuneta as she flaunted the vintage Chanel bag that was given to her.

In her Instagram account, KC flaunted the Chanel bag that her grandmother gave her. KC also shared that she and her mother, megastar Sharon Cuneta lived with her grandparents when she was still young. KC also recalled the time when her ‘Mita Elaine’ gave her the Chanel bag. KC also shared that her ‘Mita Elaine’ taught her on how to enjoy fashion.


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KC wrote:
“My mom and I lived with my grandparents in my toddler years, and while Mom was at work, my Mita Elaine always loved to dress me up (even well throughout my 20s, until she passed 5 years ago). One day, I was walking out the door in jeans and a shirt, when she told me to change the big black purse I was wearing. I knew I would be running late, but I paused, and waited- I would never want to disappoint my grandmother. After about 10 minutes, and after serious contemplation, she found the purse she was looking for. She gave me this vintage Chanel from her dressing room (my favorite room in the house, if not the swimming pool), gave me a nod of approval with her chin up, also wearing this proud grin. She had a sparkle in her eye when I agreed to wear it, and said, “I won’t be able to wear that around anymore, from now on, that’s yours.” 🥺 I hugged her, kissed her, ran outside in my sneakers and jeans and hand-me-down vintage Chanel. She taught me how to enjoy fashion.

Her look everytime she would dress me up, whenever she would change one accessory of mine, or lipstick color, before I stepped out the door… When I put together an outfit with a pretty purse or accessory, or even when I spray perfume, or design jewelry, I think of her. I always dream of what she would say or how she would react if she could browse through my walk in closet, or jewelry collections for @avecmoijewelry. I love honoring her by finding joy and fun in fashion. I wish I could even show her the jewelry pieces I make, so I can once again see that childlike gleam in her eye, that pure excitement on her face. I know she’s with me, everyday.♥️ #TheKCDiaries”

(Photo source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion)


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