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Kris Aquino reacts to a netizen who advice her to ‘eat more’

Actress and TV host Kris Aquino admitted that it is a struggle for her to gain weight as she reacted to a netizen’s advice.

In her Instagram account, Kris posted a video of her with her son Bimby. It appeared that the said video was taken for a product endorsement. Kris also shared that she and her family are always cautious and careful specially when it comes to hygiene.

“Sabi nila a cat has 9 lives-wishing for Bimb and me that we have 18? He has asthma, and i have been open about my autoimmune issues. Since August, 2020 we’ve had a total of 8 direct exposures sa staff living with us – some na very close contact- who all tested positive for Covid-19. Swerte si kuya Josh our Tarlac resident, 6 of the 8 instances he was in Alto.

Ang hirap paniwalaan na just this August, 4 of them – 2 in mid August, isa pa 5 days after, at may humabol after 2 weeks- kahit vaccinated nagkaroon… MAINGAT kami, everyone is aware that i have comorbidities pero iba talaga ang panahon ngayon. Complete kaming lahat sa vitamins and supplements, name it: air filter/purifier, sanitizer, disinfectant, anti-bacterial products – we have and we use.

SUPER KULIT ako about hygiene, sa pagligo, sa paglinis ng lahat ng surfaces – stress reliever ko to wash our mugs, glasses, plates, and utensils… i’m especially focused on taking extra care of my skin and siempre my voice, throat, and teeth – aware kaming “puhunan” ko and “kabuhayan” namin “ Kris wrote in the caption.

The said video that Kris has shared caught the attention of netizens as it went viral.

In the comment section, one concerned netizen wrote, “Kris more..”

“how i wish i could- i am on so much maintenance for my autoimmune conditions and several of them really have an effect on my taste buds and some really do list that weight loss is a side effect… i miss enjoying food… i remember when there was a certain weight we had to maintain to look good on camera and all the juice cleanses and calorie counting i’d do before a TVC especially if it was a beauty or food product (kung food kasi you should look slim para ang feeling ng viewers hindi nakakataba) – and now just to gain 5 pounds has been a real struggle.” Kris replied back.

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino)

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