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Liza Soberano denies sending emails to sell her products

Actress Liza Soberano denied allegations that she is sending emails to random people asking them to buy her products.

According to Liza, people have been spreading rumors / fake news that she is emailing people begging them to buy HKT Essentials. Liza denied this and said that she don’t have an iCloud account.

Liza took to Twitter her side of the story:

“Rumors have been spreading around that I have been emailing people in desperately begging them to buy HKT Essentials. First of all I don’t have an iCloud account. I use a Samsung phone, therefor my emails are all google. Second, why would I email individuals asking them to buy my”

“Products? I can just post on instagram, twitter or Youtube. Please stop it with all this fake news. Stop wasting your time making fake news about me or anybody for that matter.

But on another point, what’s so embarrassing about being a business owner who’s trying to sell products? As long as what you’re selling are of quality and you’re not scamming people go for it! Your hustle is your hustle, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @lizasoberano)

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