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Marjorie Barretto and Claudia Barretto talk about their Christmas plans

Actress and vlogger Marjorie Barretto and her daughter, Claudia Barretto shared their Christmas plans.

In Marjorie’s latest YouTube vlog, she and her daughter Claudia cooked ‘Bacon and Cheese Chicken’. While they were cooking, Marjorie asked Claudia “so what are your expectations for this Christmas Claui? I mean it’s more intimate now right cause there no Christmas party, no gatherings.”


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To which Claudia shared “well we already planned it. Just a small celebration with immediate family. Just a nice cozy night and then maybe we should have a sleepover on the eve.” Marjorie reacted “Yeah that’s nice. I think you know what we should have Claudia, a sleepover at night and then in the morning we’ll have a breakfast buffet.”

Claudia added “I want a hot chocolate. Uhm what else, frosted flakes.” Marjorie reacted “yes. Cereals, tocino, tapa.”

(Photo source: Youtube – @Marjorie Barretto)


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