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Marjorie Barretto and family amid controversy: “We choose to feel blessed”

Actress Marjorie Barretto has been doing her best to remain strong amid controversies being faced by her family, especially her daughter Julia Barretto who has been receiving bashing over her alleged involvement in the rumored break up of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson.

While Marjorie and other members of the family have defended Julia from allegations being thrown at her, they decided to remain positive and celebrated a blessing on their way— the pregnancy of her daughter Dani Barretto.


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In her Instagram account, Marjorie shared photos taken during Dani’s baby shower where all her kids were present to celebrate.

She then wrote in one of her posts’ caption, expressing her appreciation to her family: “These photos pretty much sum up my whole life. My 5 children, my son in law, Xavi and my granddaughter who we are so excited to meet. Thank you Lord, for giving us each other, through the good and the bad, we can always draw strength from one another.I can’t imagine any other life than this. We choose to feel blessed.”

Julia has earlier denied her involvement in the said controversy in a statement she released on her Instagram account.

(Photo source: Instagram – @niceprintphoto/ @marjbarretto)

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