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Morissette Amon’s dad hints broken relationship with singer because of her boyfriend

Tila nagkakaroon ng hidwaan at hindi pagkaka-unawaan ang mag-amang si Amoy Amon at ang anak niyang si Morissette Amon. Naglabas ng kanyang saloobin si Mr. Amon sa kanyang Twitter account at ang kanyang ipinahiwatig na dahilan sa problema ay ang boyfriend ni Morissette na si Dave Lamar na isang singer at songwriter.

Ayon sa mga tweet ni Mr. Amon ay pinag-aaway ni Dave ang pamilya Amon para sa kanyang sariling kapakanan.


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Narito ang ilan sa tweets ni Mr. Amon:

“The kind of guy that’s like, pinag-aaway ang family, makuha lang gusto nya.”

“The kind of guy that’s like, “hey you’re over 18, you can make decisions now, you don’t need your parents or their guidance. Back at home, at 18, you need to live on your own. Parents? Pffttt!”.”

“This guy dared asked me: “So, if your daughter listens to you, would it be fine for you to be hated by her for the rest of your life?”. I mean, who do this guy think he is?”


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